Wednesday, January 13, 2016

A Different Kind of Grief

I have wanted to post here for weeks because there is so much I want to record. I have let life and death get in the way however. Let me briefly explain. My father in law had some abdominal pain on Thanksgiving night. They went to remove his gallbladder in early December and found tumors on his liver that were likely cancerous. We go the news mid-december that it was in fact cancer and that it was Stage IV meaning it had spread to the liver from somewhere else. After his CT scan on December 23rd we were told that it was throughout his liver, had started in his gallbladder and had spread to his abdominal lymph nodes. The prognosis wasn't good. My FIL started on hospice care at home the week after Christmas. He passed away surrounded by his loving wife and some of his family on January 4th. From the discovery of the nodules that were likely cancer to his passing was less than a month. We didn't even have 4 weeks to say goodbye. But we got to spend some quality time with him and the whole family. What a blessing. Right now we are grieving this loss and trying to figure out our new normal. Recovery is still our goal and we are continuing to try and make it our priority, but it's a different balance we are looking for right now. Thank you for any prayers or positive thoughts you can send our way.