Monday, July 23, 2018

God and my Girlfriends

I recently heard a song by Reba McEntire called God and my Girlfriends. In it she talks about how the two constants in her life have been God and her friends, and how she relies on them. It really spoke to me, because I don't know what I would do without God or my girlfriends. I have the most amazing support system around, and I would not make it through this journey called life without them. If you are struggling now, reach out, find your tribe. I know it can feel like you are all alone, but that is never true. God is ALWAYS there. It may feel very much like He is not, but He is. In our darkest and hardest moments He is there. HE is there to help us celebrate and to help us mourn.
He is the center of my life, and without Him, I would be lost. He has also brought the most amazing women into my life. I am able to be loved and give love to the circle of people that surround me. I am blessed beyond words. I pray everyday, that others can be as blessed as I have been. Take a minute to thank God for all your blessings, including the people He has surrounded you with. I know I will.

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